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Updates From Yale

april 2023
What a month it’s been! I have been amazed at the new students who are showing up, open to something of God. We’ve had 20+ new students at our large group this month – most of these are friends of our students, which has been incredible to watch them want to invite their friends into life in the Kingdom of God.

Even just today, a fellow staff met with a first-year from an unchurched history, who feels drawn to Christ through watching the life of her friend in Chi Alpha. She verbalized being able to see a peace in her friend that she desires – and wants to explore Jesus by reading the Bible!

On Good Friday, we witnessed two first-years get baptized! This was extra special for me for a few reasons. One – over the course of this semester alone, I’ve watched Jesus transform this student’s life. We’ve had many conversations over these few months on God’s shalom, repentance, vulnerability, lordship – and it’s been a delight to see her experience freedom and joy. Two – her core group leader is one of the very first students I started discipling at Yale! What a picture of what we hope to see happen here: life transformation + transgenerational discipleship.

Before her baptism, here are some words she spoke to God: “I fully understood with every fiber of my being what it means to be fully known and fully loved by You. It was to have all the parts of me that I would really have rather kept secret and never spoken of out in the open, and still be received with love. You challenged my ideas of what it means to find worth, especially as a student. God, You’re not afraid of my doubts, or my fears, I know You’re not afraid of my flaws, and You’re going to keep pursuing me with this kind of incomprehensible love. And I love it. I love that You never leave me where I am, and that You never leave me… So this, me getting drenched in a blow-up pool on Old Campus, is me declaring publicly that I am a new creation in You. It is me publicly choosing You, the way that You have always chosen me.”  
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  Spring Break Image
Check out some student testimonials from our spring break trips below!    Group Image
Eurasia | “I think one of the workers we met on the trip expressed it best. ‘The greatest injustice is someone meeting the God who loves them and not knowing His name’. I was humbled by the missionaries whose stories we heard. From fresh out of college to retirement, these people gave up everything—their culture, livelihoods, proximity to friends and family, a secure future—to go spread the name of Jesus in a land where they must learn a new language and culture completely foreign to them. And they do so gladly, full of joy. Even if they don’t see the fruit of their efforts and sacrifices, they live content with the fact that they have obeyed and sown the seeds where the Lord has directed them. So who am I not to share Jesus with everyone I know?”   
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NYC | “This trip was a deep dive into loving our neighbors well, at times in ways that might seem radical or illogical to the world around us. By engaging in conversation and prayer, sharing laughs with those who have been overlooked, marginalized, and invisible, and serving others, my eyes were drawn to the beauty of God’s pursuit of us all, and the amazement of God using us to reach those who might be in darkness.”       Prayer Requests Image
10 new student leaders!
We have approved and welcome 10 new student leaders to be part of the Discipleship Team. These students will be leading core groups, forming community, and discipling students next year. 

New students
Praise God for the new students in our community – both churched and unchurched. We love getting to be a place where they can experience genuine community and ask genuine questions. 
Prayer Requests 
Bulldog Days Next Mon-Wed, 1400 newly admitted students will visit Yale. We’ll be hosting a variety of events, and our students will be hosting them in their dorms. This is always a fruitful time for us to connect with incoming first years. Please pray for divine connections! 

Funding for unexpected costs
I am still praying for a few individuals to partner with me financially on a monthly basis. If you’re interested in partnering with me financially or know someone that might be, please contact me!     Thank you image
Thank you for faithfully praying for and partnering with Chi Alpha. I am honored to be sent here by you! Please let me know how I can be praying for you. 

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