Jenny Groff 선교사 선교편지 (May 2023)


Recently, our team took a few days to reflect on this past year. God did really special things in the lives of Yalies – there are so many prayers for this campus that we are seeing the fruit of. I think of the many individuals who we didn’t know – or those who didn’t know Jesus – who are now people we know and love dearly in our community. Or the many moments our students chose sacrificial love for the sake of others. Or the way the GroupMe blasted with notifications of people coordinating spending time together. Or the conversations over coffee where we bear witness to God’s work of shalom.

One beautiful moment was after classes ended: our students got together to worship before finals. I woke up the next morning with text messages describing how they spent hours in worship, praying for and over one another, and interceding for their campus. (There was even a story of an untuned piano suddenly sounding perfect) We’ve desired for our community to grow in prayer and in ministry to one another – and I love that a moment like this happened outside of our planning. May their love for Jesus and others continue to grow. 

Thank you for praying for and with us!

Seniors | May is bittersweet, full of both celebrations and farewells. The reality is, students are only with us for a few years before being launched into the next season. The class of 2023 holds a special place in my heart, because they started their time at Yale the same year as me!  

Where are they headed next? They are headed to Amazon, Google, medical school, Microsoft, cancer and PTSD research, fellowships all over the world, campus ministry in the US and Spain – I have so much excitement for where God takes them next, and hope for the communities they will be a part of! 

I’m reminded that our prayer is not just for students to have had a great college experience, but that their time with us has helped them to practice the way of Jesus and formed them more and more into people of love. As author John Mark Comer writes, “Our job is to make the invisible God visible – to mirror and mimic what he is like to the world.” May it be so in their lives, and may their work lead to blessing and flourishing in this world. 

Check out some of their stories on our Instagram.  
Discipleship Team, new & old! | This photo contains both graduating and incoming students on the Discipleship Team (student leaders). Every single one of them is incredible!   

End of year soiree | Something about dressing up and dancing together is so joyful!
Bulldog Days | So great to connect with incoming first-years last month. We hope to be a place of community and refuge as they begin their Yale journey!      

Fruitful end of the year
Praise God for joyful celebrations at final gatherings, and for new connections made over Bulldog Days.

Jenny & Ben go to Korea this week!
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go to Korea for the first time since moving to the US in 2000. We are so excited! Prayer Requests 
Graduates launching out Pray for every graduate as they adjust to post-grad life, look for community and establish new rhythms.

Students over the summer
We do everything we can to serve our students wherever they are over the summer, but so much happens in their lives – pray that they would know and experience God’s presence wherever they are.

Staff over the summer
I’m thankful to work on a team that values holistic ministerial health and holds to the conviction that the most important thing we bring to our leadership is our own transforming selves under the leadership of Jesus. As we navigate different staff rhythms, we’d appreciate your prayers for deep transformation and renewal this summer!      
Thank you for faithfully praying for and partnering with our ministry at Yale. I feel grateful to have an incredible support team. Please let me know how I can be praying for you. 

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