Jenny Groff 선교사 감사편지

Thank You

As we reflect on this academic year, Ben & I are so grateful for your partnership in this joyful and humbling work of ministering at Yale. You make it possible for Yale students to know God’s generous love and experience the transformation of their hearts. From the gatherings in our home, to the meaningful conversations over a meal as one encounters Jesus for the first time, to the sacred moments of prayer, and the endless fun that college students bring – your partnership is not only strategic, but deeply personal. We bear witness to God’s work of shalom in their lives. May our partnership in this ministry lead not only to Yale students’ union with God, but to the flourishing and blessing of communities, both at Yale and beyond.

We pray that the Lord will make His face shine upon You, and may you know the joy and hope of living in His Kingdom this summer!

Jenny + Ben