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SEPTEMBER 2023″Is there a prerequisite for joining a core group?”I was standing at the table we’d set up on campus, handing out lemonade, when a first-year asked this question. He’d initially come up and asked if we were a Christianity group and what we do. One of the fellows, a recent Yale graduate, said, “In fact, I feel like this is the one space on campus where we say come as you are and we really mean it.” He’s never been part of a faith community or read the Bible, but desires to seek God in college. Since that first convo, he’s come to our large group and is getting plugged into a core group. I pray that he joyfully discovers that God is seeking him, as much as he is seeking God.Since move-in a few weeks ago, we’ve connected and reconnected with old and new faces. And maybe it’s just the conversations I’ve been privy to, but we’re noticing a larger number of students present with no faith experience. 
One first-year grew up in China, and in recent years her entire family has been exploring Christianity and the Bible. “I have a lot of questions. But I know this is important,” she said to me, before proceeding to sign-up for a core group. Another came along with a friend because she desires what her friend has experienced in this community. A senior came upon the invitation of a friend, saying that he “needs community.” I’m so humbled that God would allow us to be part of their stories. 
Jesus has a simple invitation: “Come, follow me.” Come learn and apprentice under me – practice my Way and see whether life in my kingdom is better than any other kingdom. And He would regularly say things like, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” Nothing’s changed: whoever means whoever. We’re all invited, no matter who we are, what we’ve done, or where we come from. And I’m reminded of His promise, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”Pray with me that our ministry would be a place where any student can learn to apprentice under Jesus and be His disciple – and that as they do, they would experience life to the full, both in this age and the age to come.


A restorative & restful summer
Ben & I had a really meaningful trip to Korea and are grateful for time to connect, rest, and have fun together!

Our new fellows
After working hard to raise their budgets, our new fellows (formerly called interns) have been a real gift. As Yale graduates, they have also broken the glass ceiling for giving a year back to ministry. 


Those seeking God
For those we’ve connected with + will connect with who are seeking God – pray that God would show them who He is. May they experience the reality of His presence as they develop practices of seeking Him.

Core groups to form
Pray that there would be no barriers to students getting into core groups. We are praying that our Discipleship Team would be influential models of what discipleship to Jesus looks like as a Yale student.

This ministry is made possible through a multitude of generous and faithful monthly partners, and this new feature will be highlighting one of you!

Hannah Cho
Favorite thing about where you live? 
“I live in the Potomac Yards neighborhood of Alexandria, VA. I love that it feels like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls (which is very Yale) – a lot of family-owned restaurants, people walk around here, there’s a farmers market. It’s bit of an abnormal feel for Northern Virginia. And I live in Christian housing, which does exist after college! All of us girls get together once a week to share our prayer requests and pray for one another.”
What do you do for fun?
“Meet with people. Listen to music. Go to concerts. Think about making pottery.”
What is something you’re passionate about?
“People: showing up for and following up with people. I love meeting with people and listening to their stories-who they are and how they became who they are. This is one reason I give to Chi Alpha. I grew exponentially in my faith during college – Christian community is so important because I know how dark it can be. Every person in my campus ministry made me stronger. Being young and the having the pressure to figure out who you’re going to be can be so hard, so it’s important to have a place where the spotlight isn’t on you and where you can learn how to live passionately for God. One thing I lacked in college but experienced in campus ministry is peace. Not the kind of peace you get from looking inward, but filling yourself with someone who is peace. Almost a decade later, I still can’t say enough how important campus ministry for my faith – it formed me.”
Thanks Hannah for your love for people and for being a partner!

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